Phone Case Support

Our phone cases are pretty straightforward to use and care for. But here's a few basic tips, just in case.


Our phone cases are easily to apply. Simply snap them onto your phone and you’re good to go.  

Our Explorer cases can occasionally be a bit stiff at first, causing buttons to depress. If that happens simply pull the sides away from the phone a few times to loosen it up.

Our phone skins are pretty easy to apply too. Just, clean your phone with a dry cloth, then peel away the backing and carefully line up the skin with the back of your phone. Once in position firmly press down to secure.


Our products are coated with a special finish to protect against stains. However, if you do accidentally spill something, quickly use a cloth to remove.

Avoid using cleaning products on your Cover-Up product, as this may remove or stain the protective coating.


Our phone cases will protect against knocks and scratches to the rear of the phone. We also recommend the use of a screen protector to keep the front safe too.

Dropping your phone may still result in damage – particularly to the case.

Our products are not water proof, so keep away from water or damp places.