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Excellent Product

This is the 4th iphone case that I have bought for various members of my family. The quality is superb and the cases are so different to anything else on the market. My daughter loves the shell backing and the clear sides. Best of all they are made in the UK.

Great product and fantastic service

Bought as an impulse buy Christmas present for my niece to match her iPhone cover. Placed the order very close to Christmas and received it two days later. Great quality and she loved it. Would highly recommend.


Looks great and fits iPad well

Great product but the glue could be stronger

Love the texture and feel of my computer with the skin but the bottom cover keeps peeling up in the edges. Don't have any issues with the top skin, I'll probably end up removing the bottom skin since it's just annoying to have to re-push the edges back and they start collecting dust making them stick even worse

Love the skin!

Very happy with this skin. It adhered correctly and the appearance exceeded my expectations.

Adhesion concern with bottom skin (order #UK29333)

Very happy with the new skins, except that the bottom skin did not adhere completely. I followed the instructions exactly and cleaned and dried the bottom of the MacBook before applying. The majority of the skin adhered correctly like the top skin had, but most of the bottom edge, plus one corner and a couple of centimetres of the side edge, remain stubbornly unattached.
I assume this is a faulty product and you will replace it? Please advise what my options are.

Cool cover

Love the cover and the material! Suits me and my iPhone very well!

gift welcome

it was thinner than I thought, but perfect

The best iPhone case available

I have been using CoverUp cases for the past many years. It is by far the best case of all I have had tried prior to trying CoverUp. It offers excellent grip so the iPhone never slips and the luster of the real wood veneer give it a sense of warm nature that I just love

fantastic but

Quality and service are top notch, however I wish the apple logo wasn’t covered up with this particular product.

Great job as always

This was the skin I bought for my 3rd macbook and I was very satisfied with the result. It could not have looked better. Great job as always.

Lovely case!

Beautifully made sleeve. Very strong, thick felt & phone fits perfectly - doesn’t fall out! Great colour, great design 👍

Pretty but not good for your bedside table

The wireless chargers are very pretty. But unfortunately the blue/green light is very bright, which is not good if you charge your phone beside your bed at night.

I have not received it yet- between Christmas and Covid, mail is slow

Highly recommend

I bought a set of 3 covers from cover up and they looked even better than I imagined! Couple that with the exceptional customer service we received from Hannah and you have here a business who deserve more recognition. Highly recommended

Easy to install. Looks great and feels fantastic.

The skin was very easy to stick to the lid of my MacBook Air. Lust as the case for my iPhone it looks great and has a fantastic feel.
This is our 4th product from Cover-up and won´t be the last one.

Fab case

Lovely stone case, very clever/unique & very well made. Fits perfectly, haven’t seen any other cases like this before. Beautiful slate reminds me of beautiful Wales every day😊

Great but not for me

Lovely item beautifully made but no good as it has to be stuck on the computer and this was not acceptable to my son for whom the item was for. He does not want to damage /maim the hardware. - shame

Still waiting for it

Will give 5 stars cause of previous great experiences but I’m still currently waiting for this delivery to be delivered??

Superb Charger.

This charger really is the business. It looks great, works well with my Samsung S20 Ultra and cannot be beaten in my opinion. Worth every penny!

We love it

Delivered as seen in the Webshop.
Great quality.

Fell apart

I have bought a couple of cases now as I really like the wood and stone finishes you can get. My first one lasted ages (was not the full case like this one) but this case unfortunately was not to the same quality. The rubber came away from the wood all around the sides and the plastic part around the camera became brittle so it broke. Its a shame as it is a great case. Also dirt traps between the hard back and the phone itself so the metal of the phone is now pitted and worn, might have been better to have a thin felt covering to protect the phone surface.

Asked me to review product....

This is a short review, they asked me to review this case. At the moment 14 days after ordering, I still haven't received this case... I assume with the whole Covid-19 BS mail between the UK and Belgium might be delayed? So I'll give a full review once I hopefully receive this case. But at this moment not a good experience.