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Good grasp. Nicely made. The outside buttons are way easier to press than the iphone X cover I got some years ago. It’s my third iphone cover-up. I love those. The natural raw material balances the (too) technologically advanced finish of the phone, and this balance makes me happy. Please keep doing those.

A very nice case with real wood

The case has been used for about a month. It’s a durable case with nice grip and it fits perfectly. And it looks great, the wooden back makes it unique and elegant. The only minor flaw of the case is that the side buttons are difficult to grope since they do not stick out at all. Nevertheless, it has no significant impact on usability. Definitely recommend the case.


Such a beautiful case! Beyond expectation!

Always be protected

Having insurance to ensure product is protected during shipping for minimal fee was an easy choice for me, highly recommend, especially with fragile products

Simple but effective

This appears well-made, with good quality felt. I haven't had it for long but so far it meets all expectations. Customer service was first-class.


Be careful if you have a phone case because it makes it very hard to charge it. I am very disappointed because my phone case is from cover-up so I was sure it wouldn’t be an issue but it is.

Very Nice...

Got the WOODBACK EXPLORER CASE, Blackened Ash today. I'm very satisfied with my order, feels good in the hand. The rubber grips on the sides are smooth, yet you get a good grip. The color on the wood back is a dark brown and has fine details. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars, if only the wood has more texture, it's very smooth. But a nice case to be sure.

Good case, but SLOOOOOOOW to ship

I completely understand about shipping delays and the holidays, but it took almost two weeks to even get "shipped" . Don't be fooled when you get that "It's on the way!" email. It took two weeks to go from "label created" to actually shipped. The case is nice and fits well but to be honest I only bought it from them because Carved did not carry cases for my phone anymore. I doubt I will be a repeat customer. Thanks.

M1 Mac 16 inch here, very hard to align, not the same as on previous Mac models

it's just a flat stick-on rectangle, it doesn't reach around the case like on the Mac models visible on Cover-up site.
It's almost impossible to align perfectly, as a wooden-cover really should. if it was plastic nobody would care but a wood-finish needs to have a bit of a carpenter-perfection feel. This is just a flat stick-on rectangle and it takes away the charm completely. The bottom stick-on flap is pretty much superfluous.
You need to provide small alignment stickers and 1,2,3 step instructions to get it right.

Amazing quality that will make your laptop a work of art!

Cover-Up makes the most amazing laptop covers. This one gets lots of looks while doing a great job of protecting my laptop!

Granit and wood effect covers

A most unusual top. Very satisfactory . I al ready have a wood effect one which has lasted better than the plastic ones


I've received several invitations to provide feedback, but the product still has not arrived after 3+ weeks of waiting. Also did not receive any kind of communication!! i want a refund

Repeat customer and loving it

This is the second cover i am buying after making an initial purchase in 2018 and using that cover on my older macbook till now, the new cover is just as fantastic and fit perfectly onto the 2021 M1 Macbook pro, it was easy to apply and looks absolutely fantastic.

Poor adhesion on corners

I cleaned the laptop as advised but the corners just wouldn’t stick down properly. Rather frustrating considering the cost of the product and the fact that the corners are the areas post likely to get snagged

Route Package Protection
Caterina Palombo

Route Package Protection

Retro mobile phone

Brilliant case. Finished in Padauk it reminds me of our 70's colour TV! Good protection for the Pixel 3. Quality feel. Recommended buy. Will buy again for gifting.


I believe I ordered the woodburl red product. Actually it’s amazing! I show it to everyone and it’s a great product and people are wowed by the look and feel! I will try to promote your product as it’s one of a kind. As long as you stay in business I’ll be a life long customer and wish Cover-Up warm regards. Great originality it’s the kind of product that makes me really happy. Cheers!

Didn’t fit my iPhone13 Pro!

Took 2 weeks to receive it, then when I finally got it, my phone wouldn’t go in all the way and needed vice grios to pull it out. Horrible product! Don’t recommend!

Received damaged

Package arrived soaking wet and drenched.

Read return policy and decided it was worth trying to see if it was usable then going through the entire hassle of returning.

Item was too soaked and damaged and after application ended taking it off two days later and throwing out.

Very nice!

My wife got a MacBook Pro M1 Pro. Skin and cover options were very limited upon the hardware release. I bought her the ash woodback and it’s great! The quality is nice, and it looks amazing. Installation was a piece of cake. It feels durable, adhesive is very sticky, and it keeps the bottom protected. All the holes for the feet and screws lined up nicely as well.

Great Product

I have purchased several MacBook skins from this company and each one has been absolutely perfect. Also, the company’s care and concern for their customers is fantastic! I will continue to purchase their products.

Looks great!

My wife just bought a 16” MacBook Pro M1 Pro, and the case options were limited. She was concerned about scratching, so luckily I found Cover Up. She picked out the twilight stone skin, and hardened ash bottom. They arrived within a week or so, and we both were surprised by how thin they were, but they feel extremely durable. Placing them onto the MacBook was no problem. The adhesive definitely does the job. The MacBook looks great, and we’re both satisfied. I would not hesitate to make the same choice in skins again.

I really wanted to be kinder

Hi guys.

I purchased two wireless chargers when I upgraded my mobile phones recently. I'd bought an iPhone 13 for my wife and 13 pro max for me. Unfortunately we have found the chargers a little hit and miss. My wife in particular has problems getting her phone to charge. She finds she has to reposition her phone, taking it off and on again, several times before occasionally getting it to work. Often she gets frustrated and gives up. My phone chargers more consistently… however I do have the occasional issue positioning it.

Sorry, I love the concept of what you do, but performance is just not there.

Feeling spoiled

I got the leather desk pad to replace a more standard pad with raised edges that interfered with my use of the desk surface. Little did I know the new pad, despite or because of its simplicity, would make me feel like I was sitting in the lap of luxury. And my work flow has improved too, with no more shifting papers around to make room to write. Love it!