What wood you like to know?

You asked, we answered. We've been chopping away at your frequently asked questions.

Are the skins heavy?

Nope! Get the beauty of the forest and mountains without the weight! Our skins are super light! #WoodBacks weigh approximately 50 grams and our Stone skins are less than 80 grams.

Apart from their dashing good looks… you won’t even know they’re there!

Inside the forest

What are they made from? 

100% real natural materials! Our #WoodBacks are made from many different species of wood…all ethically sourced from FSC accredited suppliers.

Stone skins are made from exactly that…Stone! Sourced from quarries all over the world and carefully carved into beautiful layers just for you. You won't just be amazed by how they look but by how they feel too.

Be warned you won't be able to stop touching your MacBook! All are applied with the latest 3M adhesive technology to adhere perfectly to your Mac. 

Aromatic Cedar Wood MacBook skin

Will it leave any marks if I remove the skin?

We can guaran-tree there won’t be any marks left behind if you decide to remove your skin! Any residue can be easily removed with a rub of your finger!

The only thing left behind will be your lonely, naked MacBook without it’s #naturallydifferent good looks! 

Burnt Copper Real Stone MacBook Skin

How do I know which size need?

Each skin is designed specifically for each individual MacBook model.

If you don't know your Pro 13" Retina from your Pro 13" Touch Bar don't panic. We've made an easy to use size guide. Simply check the model number from the bottom of your MacBook against our list and it will take you straight to the skins you need!

Check out the size guide here..

Carpathian Elm Burl Real Wood MacBook Skin

Is there a protective finish on the wood?

Our skins are coated with a specially selected finish made from a blend of vegetable oils and waxes. This gives the raw wood a subtle natural shine that allows it to age beautifully over time - with added protection from water and everyday dirt.  


Walnut Real Wood MacBook Skin

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