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The Wood Collection

Pioneers of the #WOODBACK
The #Woodback is where our #NaturallyDifferent journey started!
We had our eureka moment. Wouldn't it be wonderful to create phone case that protected our phone, but had all the natural beauty of real wood? The cases went down a storm, so we extended the range to iPad cases and MacBook skins.

Our Wood

We love trees - so we ensure our raw materials are as sustainable as possible. We use many wood suppliers from around the world, to ensure a constant supply. But we know all our woods come from reputable sellers, who use sustainably managed forests, and are FSC Certified.


All our wood cases and skins are made right here in our workshop in Bridgend, UK. It takes up to 3 days to create - but that’s because there’s a fair amount of work that goes into it! We cut, sand, coat, then sand and coat again - as many times as needed to get the perfect finish. We then give it a final buff, and it's ready to send out.

We hope you’ll love the results and think the wait was worth it.

Natural Variances

Because we use real wood, each one of our skins if naturally different. The shades, patterns, textures and burls are unique to each product. There may also be knots, cracks or holes - all of which are perfectly normal, and part of the beauty. If you want a perfect vision of wood, get a printed vinyl skin. If you want a skin with all the authenticity and character of wood - you'll only achieve that with a real #woodback skin.